Lower Work Comp Rates Can Help Your Profits During Covid

Here are some new LeastStaff “Work Comp Staffing Solution” clients that were seeking ways to lower comp costs to maintain profits

  1. A Medical Staffing company that was experiencing smaller margins as a result of hospitals’ tighter budgets.
  2. A 5M Warehouse /logistics staffing company. The company operates mainly in the Southeast and lacked funding for a deposit because of lower margins; so it decided on a “pay as you go” Professional Employer Organization (PEO) where it can process its own payroll, which had lower comp rates than state funds.
  3. A 2M hospitality staffing company that because of weak business conditions in its niche, has segued into cleaning/disinfecting hotel rooms. It needed a carrier that would write this type of risk
  4. A national permanent recruiter organization that needed comp for its 55 recruiter network, so it could do more temp to perm placements and maintain good margins.

The LeastStaff Work Comp Solutions team of Licensed Agents are glad to secure Workers Comp policies to cover ALL staffing positions. Same day indications, with binding of coverage typically in 3-5 business days. Our Agents can also make sure your G/L and P/L policies are appropriate for these risks as well.