Can An Employer Require an Employee To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine To Go To Work?

Given the latest good news about the vaccine, the US will start receiving this medicine in the next few weeks. This question is currently being debated in various governmental agencies. Here is a link that discusses some of the complexities of this issue.

In addition, a well known employment attorney Karla Grossenbacher, (with Seyfarth Shaw) says the following about the administration of the vaccine, “Employers must abide by any state or local laws, as well as provide “reasonable accommodations” to people with qualified disabilities and to those who have religious objections, as required by the ADA and Title VII, respectively.

Under the ADA, a vaccination is considered a medical examination that must be “job-related and consistent with business necessity or it’s necessitated by a direct threat. Collective bargaining agreements with unionized workforces should also be consulted.”

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