What To Look For In Your Broker

One of the reasons I became a Work Comp Broker 15 years ago (after owning a nationwide staffing co for 16 years,) was because I found so many G/L and P/L agents, despite their best intentions, did not have a thorough knowledge of the staffing industry and the various staffing work comp programs.

Most agents often just referred clients to the inefficient and expensive State Funds. This resulted in many staffing companies not selecting the best or most cost effective work comp solution. So I started “work comp staffing solutions” to educate as many staffing companies as possible about their work comp options.

This link below is to a short 3 minute video that will make you a much more educated consumer of work comp for your staffing company.

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Finally, our team of Licensed Agents are glad to  use our 50 years of staffing work comp experience to secure a worker comp policy that best meets your specific staffing co. requirements. Same day indications, with binding of coverage typically in 3-5 business days. Our Agents can also make sure your G/L and P/L policies are appropriate for these new risks as well.

David Schek
LeastStaff Work Comp Solution