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About Work Comp Staffing Solutions

Our History

Before starting Work Comp Staffing Solutions in 2007, President David Schek developed and operated Culi Services, a nationwide staffing and human resource company. For 18 years, Culi-Services serviced thousands of clients and employed tens of thousands of workers annually in 35 states. David’s company worked with large food service facilities that used mostly low to medium wage workers. Obtaining low cost workers compensation programs was essential to maintaining profitability. His company grew into a 65-office staffing business, servicing 35 markets and generating 27M in sales. David and his management team identified various work comp solutions, and developed relationships with numerous workers compensation carriers and specialty staffing programs. The management team also configured back office payroll operations to manage growth in their offices and at the corporate level.

In 2006, David sold the business. He then created Work Comp Staffing Solutions in 2007 to help other staffing owners develop more efficient and more cost-effective workers compensation insurance options. Since its founding, Work Comp Staffing Solutions’ goal has been to increase the profits of its clients by referring them to the LEAST expensive and most appropriate workers compensation solution in the market.

Our Mission

For each client we serve, we apply our 130+ years of staffing insurance and human resource experience to identify the most effective and LEAST expensive solution for workers’ compensation staffing insurance. Our clients range from staffing startups to large staffing companies that employ hundreds of hourly workers on a weekly basis.  We have clients in all staffing niches. Utilizing multiple consultative sessions with each client, we analyze their staffing insurance and human resource needs, and match them with the best workers’ comp and human resource programs in the market. Our unique expertise with workers compensation for staffing companies, allows you to secure individually tailored solutions at competitive pricing.

Since June of 2007, Work Comp Staffing Solutions has helped over 200 staffing clients save money in their workers compensation programs. Work Comp Staffing Solutions, has relationships with these solutions (below) in order to find the best and least expensive workers’ comp solutions for you:

Please call us to discuss how we can work together to develop a solution that will reduce your work comp costs today.

Meet Our Work Comp Staffing Solutions’ Team

David Schek

David Schek

David Schek, the President and Founder of Work Comp Staffing Solutions, has put together an incredibly experienced staffing insurance centric group of work comp professionals to assist him in identifying the perfect work comp solution for you.

Mike SantosMike Santos

Mike has focused on all types of staffing insurances for the last 25 years. Specifically, Mike is an expert in G/L and P/L insurances, along with unique PEO and nationwide private market workers comp programs. Mike really understands staffing and finance, since he was a CFO for a100M staffing co for many years too. Mike has worked with staffing clients in high risk staffing fields including, transportation, manufacturing, skilled trades, and most complex risk industries. Mike is Licensed in all states.

Alyssa WilcoxAlyssa Wilcox

Alyssa has been an independent insurance agent since 2015. Prior to becoming a licensed agent, Alyssa worked in the PEO industry for 6 years, where she gained valuable insights on company’s workers comp needs. She has more than 10 years’ experience in the staffing industry, specializing in state fund placements for startups. She is committed to serving small business owners, providing both great service and pricing options. Alyssa is a resident of the Bay Area, and enjoys hiking, culinary explorations, and the healing power of plants.

Marty GrayMarty Gray

Marty has nearly 30 years experience working with staffing cos and PEOs and EORs. Marty realized early on the benefits of providing staffing cos an honest, independent opinion of which PEO is best suited for their individual needs. Since then, he’s spent his career building relationships with PEOs and EORs and providing consulting services to staffing cos all over the U.S.

Bess ShapiroBess Shapiro

Bess has a strong background in workers’ comp and occupational safety and health, with a particular emphasis on regulatory and legislative impacts. For 10 years she reported and wrote on these subjects for newsletters geared toward brokers, insurance companies, and employers. Her main focus has been on California, a state that, because of its complicated regulatory regimen, poses many challenges for staffing firms.

Affiliate Presentation

Build a team of 50-100 1099 Sales people (all have some staffing experience) who will sell and service accounts in their local market throughout the US. These Affiliates will sell/staff all verticals in which they have experience.

Our Community Giving

We support TLC-The Treatment and Learning Centers/ Katherine Thomas School (TLC/KTS) by giving 1% of our sales to this extremely worthy community-based non-profit organization. TLC/KTS has improved lives and expanded possibilities for individuals with a wide range of special needs for over 70 years. To find out more about TLC/KTS, and/or to make a donation, please visit their web site

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