The Wrong Workers’ Comp Class Codes Can Cost You Big Time

Applying the wrong workers' comp class code to your employees can cost you money in a number of ways. If you apply the wrong class code deliberately to score a lower a premium, an audit can lead to large fines and loss of coverage. The Department of Labor has issued a...

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Don’t Settle: Challenge Serious and Willful Citations

Being too willing to settle an OSHA citation can cost you in the future, experts say. According to lawyers at the law firm Jackson Lewis, if employers agree to settle a citation rather than challenge it, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, may see it as...

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Long-COVID: The Next Challenge for the Staffing Industry

As employers return to pre-pandemic norms, and ask people to return to work—at least a few days a week—some employees may struggle more than others with chronic health problems related to COVID. Many who suffered through COVID are dealing with long-term side effects,...

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New COSHOs, More Inspections: Make sure you’re ready

Staffing firms are bracing themselves for more inspections as the new administration ramps up its enforcement. The Biden Administration has reinvigorated the mostly dormant Trump Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The ramp up also includes new...

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Embrace Digital, but be Deliberate

The staffing industry has always embraced technology to a certain degree, with nearly all staffing firms using an Applicant Tracking System to capture and store candidate and client information. In addition, many staffing companies have added other automation tools to...

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