“David, I just wanted to say thank you so much for connecting me the EOR. My account managers are so helpful and amazing! They are really putting in some work with my learning curve and getting payroll just right for my traveler. Thank you again David, warm regards,”

Amanda - NWLTA 2023

“I own a 7M medical staffing co in PA and was having trouble with my agent never responding
to me, and my concerns about the comp solution he provided. I moved my account to the Work Comp Solutions option and have received excellent service from David Schek.”

Amy N 2022

“As new staffing owner I was worried about what partners for payroll/ work comp/ payroll funding I should use. I had heard horror stories about new staffing owners picking brokers with little staffing experience and then having to educate the vendors about staffing. I heard it was a big waste of time. I found the work comp provider and payroll funder Work Comp Solutions referred me to have decades of staffing experience.”

Patrick B. 2021

“While we are based in OH, I needed a NY state Fund solution quickly. All the Agents I called did not want to deal with the NY State Fund. David and his team of Agents were able to secure a policy fairly quickly (about 2 weeks) I appreciate the effort they made to help me service my NYC clients.”
Robert A. 2021

“We’re a funding source for staffing, but our go to guy for Work Comp/PEO solutions is David Schek with Leaststff. David is a former multi-state, multi-office staffing company owner, that has great experience in the Work Comp space. He helps a lot of our clients with more than insurance solutions; he can consult with sales, looking for new profit centers, analyzing margins, and much more. I would definitely give David a call – we highly recommend him. ”
Dale Busbee/ EVP at Prosperity Funding - 2019

“We were using about 25 State Funds for our heavy industrial staffing co and going crazy. We called Work Comp Staffing Solutions and secured a variety of PEO quotes and received lower rates than the State Funds and better solutions for managing our employment compliance issues by using the PEO”
David - MA 2019

“David at Work Comp Staffing Solutions really helped me secure a great PEO and grow my business business from a start up to 10M in about 15 mos. I strongly recommend Work Comp Staffing Solutions for PEO quotes.”
Ricky - MD 2018

“After calling MANY Agents which did not know anything about staffing companies, I called David Schek at Work Comp Staffing Solutions. Even though we were a start up (with limited start up funds) they found a very good pay as you go Employer of Record that has helped our clerical staffing business get off to a fast start.”
Jenn DC/VA/MD 2018

“We needed a multistate work comp solution for our growing health care staffing/ travel nursing co. We worked with a few VMS cos. and needed a solution instead of the state funds. Work Comp Staffing Solutions found us the right PEO that has done a great job.”
Barbara 2018

“I just want to let you know everything is going well with funding and payroll of our company. I thank you for role and input to get us started and I will get in touch if I need more advice, you have been great.”
Kandy CA - 2018

“I just want to let you know everything is going well with funding and payroll of our company. I thank you for role and input to get us started and I will get in touch if I need more advice, you have been great.”
Lucia - December 2017

“Thank you for working so diligently on getting this done. You have been so resourceful and as a new business owner I hope to be as good as you one day! Lots of businesses have lost that personal touch and you have restored my faith. My family has owned businesses for over 50 years and my father always taught me that no matter how fast you grow to always slow down as you want to provide great customer service. Sorry for going off subject but I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate all the hard work you have done. Thank you,”
Shawn - November 2017

“working with David was great. Very responsive and knows the staffing industry inside and out.”
Pamela P. in Ca.- uses a Work Comp Staffing Solutions Employer of Record and Payroll Funding Solution for her travelling nurse business.

“We are a start up, but David worked closely with us to get a State fund and G/L policy.”
Mike B. in Ga. uses a Work Comp Staffing Solutions Ga. State Fund Solution for his light industrial staffing business.

“Thanks David for your PEO solution. They have great service and luckily they serve IL, which is a tough state for staffing cos comp.”
Fred A. in IL. uses a Work Comp Staffing Solutions Professional Employer Organization Solution

“Work Comp Staffing Solutions found me a non-state fund comp program that did not require any upfront premium, and this really helped my cash flow. Now my light and heavy industrial business is on better financial footing.”
Patrick L. in MD uses a Work Comp Staffing Solutions Employer of Record Solution for his Light industrial staffing firm.

When I reached out to David in 2016 I was shopping for Worker’s Compensation Quotes. David not only assisted in helping me with a different solution that saved me money, he also helped me secure a very advanced software to make my operations run more efficient. David also introduced me to an aggressive factor company that allowed me to grow my business providing me with a line of credit for a large national client where other funding companies failed. David has been a true mentor and has given me good ideas to help me re-organize my company and ultimately all these changes will help me grow my business. I would recommend David to anyone who is needing a true expert in the staffing industry.
Carri L

David is a professional who understands his clients and prospects, their specific situations and how he can be of service to them, whether directly or through referrals to other professionals, and, broadly, to the industry he serves. He is a straight shooter, a man of integrity, and very responsive to all who seek him out, whatever the reason. It is a privilege to recommend him with absolutely no reservations
Mike Ban

Executive Director, Chicago Literacy Alliance

David is the best kind of client because he willingly collaborates on projects, making my work easier and more likely to be successful. An “old school” professional, you can always count on David to be well-informed, open to new ideas and willing to think way beyond “the usual”. I look forward to working with David for many years to come.
Tom Andrews

Co-Founder and CEO at Free Brands, LLC

“David Schek is committed to people.  He goes out of his way to listen intently to your needs, emphasize with what you express, and then move heaven and earth to serve you.  He is a shining star in what can sometimes feel like a complicated world.”
Kimberely Rattley

Business Consultant

“David Scheck at Work Comp Staffing Solutions was able to get us on a PEO platform at the 11thhour and save us from a potential disaster. He found a solution to ACA compliance and payroll service at the same time. We enjoy our continued relationship with David and his company. Thank You”
Charlie Savarese


“David and the Work Comp Staffing Solutions team have proven to be excellent partners. So many people in this business overpromise and under deliver, we were pleasantly surprised. We would recommend David and his team without reservation.”

Staffing, recruiting process outsourcing, pre-employment, work force and employees. “David Schek has been a great help to our staffing firm. He helped us change everything about how we used to do business by getting us signed up with a wonderful PEO that has given us the edge that we needed to better compete against competitors that are much larger then we are. By following David lead we have been able to obtain everything from better workers’ comp coverage, back ground screening, drug testing and many other services. The most important thing about having David at reach is that he is very knowledgeable of the Staffing industry and willing to share his experience. “ Thank you Follow up: “As you know we are very happy with our PEO and the relationship has greatly helped our firm. We use many services under our PEO relationship, and I’ve found their rates to be very competitive with other quotes.” — Rafael (10/10/16)
Rafael Martinez

“Reliable, knowledgeable and supportive is the phrase that comes to mind when we think about David Schek. We had the pleasure of working with David, during which he was our staffing business consultant. Above all, we were impressed with David’s ability to help our business increase revenue, minimize cost and most importantly, support us during our business growth. David had all the tools we needed and great industry connections. He has our heartfelt recommendation.”
Bernard & Maja

Chateau Staffing

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