How can Work Comp Staffing Solutions help staffing companies?
  • Obtain new work comp coverage
  • Lower their work comp rates
  • Negotiate with Work comp Insurance companies to reduce past audit bills.
  • Choose a payroll and funding company
Why use Work Comp Staffing Solutions?
Most staffing companies don’t have the time or expertise to wade through the large variety of workers’ comp suppliers in the staffing industry. Work Comp Staffing Solutions knows the strengths and weaknesses of many work comp programs, and through a consultative process, guides you to the “Least” expensive, most efficient workers compensation suppliers for your needs.
Do I pay for the Work Comp Staffing Solutions service?
NO. Work Comp Staffing Solutions is paid by the solution that you choose.  Usually the Work comp provider pays a commission to Work Comp Staffing Solutions based on your payrolls.   All staffing Consultation is free regardless if you select a Work Comp Staffing Solutions work comp program or provider.
How long does it take to get workers compensation coverage through Work Comp Staffing Solutions?

It usually takes about 3-5 days

What is Work Comp Staffing Solutions’s retention rate among its client base of staffing firms since 2007?

Since we opened our doors in 2007, over 80%

If I have a very bad Work Comp loss history, can I only secure workers compensation from my State Work Comp Fund?

Not always.  Sometimes PEO programs can be designed with deductibles, where the staffing company secures a new policy with low rates. Some carriers are also more aggressive towards risk. It is Work Comp Staffing Solutions’s job to know which ones can help you, given your work comp loss history.

Can you recommend safety program providers even if we do not secure a policy through Work Comp Staffing Solutions?

Yes, that is our pleasure. There are number of very good Risk Control Services in the staffing industry. We are glad to help.

I am a multi state staffing provider. I have a bad loss history in only one state. Can I separate my work comp program by State in order to keep my overall comp costs down?

Yes. Many smart staffing owners do that and implement good safety programs in the state where the accidents are most occurring.

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