Do You Want To Know Amazon Warehouse’s Work Comp Injury Rates?

Amazon hires many contract workers during the holiday season. That can be great news for your staffing firm if you are an Amazon staffing partner. But in order to keep your work comp rates low, you need to know about the work comp histories of your clients–including Amazon. Using this information can help reduce workplace accidents.

Below is a link to all Amazon warehouse sites with related work comp injury rates. Hopefully this information will help you, as you develop your working relationship with Amazon (and other warehouse facilities) this holiday season.

The LeastStaff Work Comp Solutions team of Licensed Agents are glad to secure Workers Comp policies to cover these warehouse codes as well as all other staffing positions. Same day indications, with binding of coverage typically in 3-5 business days. Our Agents can also make sure your G/L and P/L policies are appropriate for these risks as well