Claims Handling: A Crucial Part of Reducing Your Workers’ Compensation Bill

Injuries related to lifting, pushing, pulling and slips and falls are a major source of injuries and comprise many claims. Proper handling ensures that only “real” claims of injured workers receive treatment and benefits. Fraudulent workers compensation claims are reduced and eliminated. Getting your carrier or, better yet, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to keep track of and meet the basic requirements will prevent delays and lawsuits. Here are some tips staffing agencies should follow.

  • Maintain a checklist of mandatory information to include on a claim and provide it to each claims adjuster
  • Interview the employee immediately and thoroughly. Find out how and when the injury occurred. This is important if it’s a strain or sprain and the employee misses work. There may be a pre-existing injury that’s been re-aggravated.
  • The staffing agency needs to make all employees aware of their rights and responsibilities under workers’ comp law. Requirements differ by state, and the burden is on the employer to follow the law.
  • Keep claim loads manageable. It’s easy for claims adjusters to get overloaded, and that’s when mistakes are made.

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