Reviewing Your Clients Work Comp History

Reviewing your Clients Work Comp History Now Can Save You Expense and Headaches in the Future

As a former owner of a large multi state staffing company, I know the excitement of getting a new client and wanting to do everything possible to please them so you get additional orders.  As appealing as that is, you certainly do not want a new client’s workers comp problems to  become yours. So along with reviewing  the new clients credit history, you may want to consider reviewing their work comp history as well.  In fact some clients may select your firm  specifically  so they do not have to deal with their own work comp  and safety issues.  They may be trying to transfer the financial responsibility to you, which can mean big headaches and losses long term.

What should you be looking for in new clients.

  1. Your Clients Work Comp modification or “mod.”  Is it above 1.0?  If so ask why.
  2. The history of their Comp Losses. Will they let you review their work comp loss history for the last 12 months?
  3. Have you seen their safety procedures– or program?  If they do not have one, maybe you can share yours which will help further your long term relationship with them.
  4. Do an on site review of all the positions you are staffing for?  Make sure they are following normal safety procedures.
  5. Ask who is there Comp carrier and how long they have been with them?  If they have had multiple carries over the last few years, that is usually a sign that they are a bad Comp risk — and maybe  even a bad credit risk.

I hope these suggestions help keep your Work Comp costs low and manageable.

Best regards,

David Schek
President- Work Comp Staffing Solutions

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