Why Are Work Comp Rates Higher For Staffing Firms Than Non Staffing Firms?

OSHA published a report recently that answers this question. Simply put, temporary workers  have a higher overall injury rate than permanent workers in the same occupations.

The differences in injury rates for temporary and permanent workers were most pronounced in 3 industries-agriculture, construction, and transportation. The main causes of  injuries included contact with objects and equipment, and exposure to harmful substances or environments.

Also the report found that temporary workers who became injured were younger and had less time in their jobs, (sometimes less than a year,) than permanent workers. Interestingly, temporary workers had higher injury rates, but lower lost-time and medical costs. Injured temporary workers also were more likely to be male.

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Work Comp Staffing Solutions Wins American Staffing Association Award

Work Comp Staffing Solutions Wins Award From American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association has awarded Work Comp Staffing Solutions it’s “Most Valuable Contributor Award for 2019.” This Award means a lot to us because we always welcome the opportunity share our 50 years of staffing work comp experience with other staffing companies, in order to help them achieve greater profitability through lower cost workers compensation programs.

American Staffing Association

More Work Comp Staffing Solutions Than Anyone Else. Period

Creative Work Comp Solutions Exclusively For The Staffing Industry

Meet some of Work Comp Staffing Solutions’s new 2019 clients:

  • 5M E platform medical staffing co. – uses EOR.
  • 10M LI uses a PEO while processing their own payroll.
  • 20 Million LI staffing co in Cal.- uses EOR.
  • National IT/LI staffing co – uses direct carrier.
  • New oil and gas co uses multiple state funds.

Only serving the staffing industry for the last 50 years. Creative work comp solutions is what we do best.

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I.C.E. Comes Knocking On Staffing Firm’s Doors

As this short bolded blurb states, ICE has started to target the staffing industry to inspect for the required I-9 forms in order to identify illegal workers.

Many of Work Comp Staffing Solutions clients use large Employer of Records (EOR’s) where the EOR is the statutory employer, so this will not be a concern to them. Also, many Work Comp Staffing Solutions clients use large Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) who manage the collection and recording of this employee data– again so these ICE inspections should not be an issue.

If you are the “sole employer” of your employees, like the article says, you should start getting your records in order and make sure you have a good relationship with an employment attorney that specializes in this area.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on June 25 began issuing notices of inspection required to initiate a Form I-9 investigation. The Trump administration has advised local ICE offices to boost the output by four to five times the 2018 number of inspection, or up to 25,000 new investigations across the U.S. The staffing industry is among those being targeted.

If a staffing firm receives a notice of inspection, it has three business days to produce all of the Forms I-9 requested, as well as all of the audit trails associated with those Forms I-9, if the forms were created using an electronic system. Staffing firms must meet this deadline, or face substantial fines. Staffing firms should consult with attorneys who are familiar with Form I-9 requirements when navigating this kind of investigation


If you want to discuss EOR or PEO programs, please feel free to reach us at 202-302-1212 or E mail us at david@StaffingCompSolutions.com. We also can recommend good labor-employment attorneys if you need one. Also, please visit our website at www.StaffingCompSolutions.com.

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Great Safety Video from the American Staffing Association

Work Comp Staffing Solutions has been a member of the American Staffing Association for many years. Recently they distributed a short, yet very effective video highlighting the benefits about making safety a priority in your staffing firm.

Click to view: https://youtu.be/KPthhrNQ2zY

Remember fewer work comp accidents means lower work comp rates and higher profits.

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State Fund or Employer of Record (EOR) For Work Comp–What Are The Differences?

As the premier work comp broker for staffing companies in the US, we are often asked about the differences between these 2 work comp options.

Here is a link to a short animated video that compares these 2 work comp solutions.

Click to view: https://youtu.be/ZgaJuFYRnGA

Visit our web site at www.StaffingCompSolutions.com, call us at 202-302-1212, or email us at david@StaffingCompSolutions.com for more information about all our staffing and workers’ comp offerings.

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