State Funds – Your Best Bet For COVID-19 High Risk Positions

Lately we have found that many carriers are electing not to provide work comp coverage for staffing/contract positions related to the COVID -19. These positions typically include (direct and indirect exposures) related to:

  1. Medical personnel in hospitals and clinics.
  2. Temperature takers at access points for stores and offices.
  3. Cleaning crews at hospitals with COVID patients.
  4. Other essential medical related workers.

The Work Comp Staffing Solutions team of Licensed Agents are glad to secure Workers Comp policies to cover these increasingly “indemand” medical COVID -19 staffing positions. Same day indications, with binding of coverage typically in 3-5 business days. Our Agents can also make sure your G/L and P/L policies are appropriate for these new risks as well.Please feel free to contact us at 202-302-1212, and visit us at

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David Schek

Are You Ready For Your Next Work Comp Audit?

Most Work Comp Staffing Solutions staffing clients use “pay as you go” work comp programs, so they are not audited. But if you use a State Fund or private carrier, here are some things to
keep an eye on during your audits:

  1. Workers’ comp audits take a retroactive look at a business’s payroll. Audits can happen after the first 3-6 months and then usually annually after that.
  2. Auditors will closely examine employee job classifications, and may visit your clients to confirm exactly what your employees did at your client’s site.
  3. Post audit bills by the carrier are not unusual because of misclassifications and disagreements regarding light/heavy industrial codes.
  4. Carriers will project future payrolls based on your first audit, and as a result, may require additional premium deposits– due within 30 days.

If you find you need to switch to a “pay as you go” program because an audit resulted in your policy termination, please contact us — we can help.

Please visit our web site at, call us at 202-302-1212, or email us at for more information about all our staffing and workers’ comp program offerings.

More Work Comp Staffing Solutions Than Anyone Else. Period

Creative Work Comp Solutions Exclusively For The Staffing Industry

Meet some of Work Comp Staffing Solutions’s new 2019 clients:

  • 5M E platform medical staffing co. – uses EOR.
  • 10M LI uses a PEO while processing their own payroll.
  • 20 Million LI staffing co in Cal.- uses EOR.
  • National IT/LI staffing co – uses direct carrier.
  • New oil and gas co uses multiple state funds.

Only serving the staffing industry for the last 50 years. Creative work comp solutions is what we do best.

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Work Comp Fraud Does Not Pay

If you use a State Fund or Private Carrier Policy for your work comp program, it is critical that you report all your payroll during an audit.*

Aileen Ramirez of Quality Employment Services LLC found out the hard way about under reporting payroll during a California State audit. Ramirez under reported $2.8 million dollars of payroll over 2 years resulting in a loss to the State Fund of $525,253.58 in insurance premiums. She was charged as a felon and had to reimburse the State for that amount. She received 3 years probation and is now a felon.

*Employers of Record (EOR’s) and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) do not perform audits, since they are “pay as you go” programs.

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David Schek